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Why donate to the ABS fundraising campaign?

The value of our actions, small and big, is measured by the impact they make. Given the growing importance of education as an integral tool with which we impact our community, the importance of supporting this sector has also grown. All gifts, no matter their size, will make a difference

ABS aims to improve and develop its facilities through the fundraising campaign. To take part in this campaign means you are actively contributing to our endeavor and relentless efforts in providing the students with a well-rounded and beneficial learning experience, which will enable them to become a generation capable of excellence and achievement in various fields and sectors

One of the most important values that we instil in ABS students is giving back to their school community as proud members of our alumni. We also look forward to welcoming them back as parents and grandparents

At ABS, we believe that strategically developing our facilities based on our Master Plan offers students the space for curricular and co-curricular activities. In order to effectively implement our Master Plan, we need our community’s generous assistance.

In addition to focusing on obtaining donations for school facility renovations that improve the overall educational process as it keeps up with the latest methods and trends, the school also aims to allocate some of the donations to student events and activities

To learn more about The ABS Experience Fundraising Campaign, please refer to the complete booklet and the supplementary appendices. Together as a team, we ensure the success of the educational process and achieve the goals previously set.


PTA Members (2019-2020)

Mrs Haifa Al Alami Hazineh

Mrs Nour Masri Kilani

Mrs Deema Nasser Al Oun

Mrs Mary Saad Zurub

Mrs Nadine Malhas Mango

Mrs Sarah Al Ahmad Sadedin

Mrs Reem Maayta Kanaan

Mrs Suha Srour Fakhouri

Parent Teacher Association

The University Counselling Department at the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) is one of the strongest counselling departments in the Middle East. Established more than thirty years ago, the Department was designed to assist and support students and parents as they begin negotiating the confusing labyrinth of the university application process. Highly experienced counsellors are available on a full-time basis to answer students’ and parents’ queries about entry qualifications, accessibility to degree programmes and availability of scholarships to universities in Jordan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe, not to mention assistance in entering local universities and US and British universities located in Europe and the Middle East

Counselling students about universities and careers is available once they enter the Middle Years School and the Department offers the PSAT on an annual basis for students starting in Grade 8. Career awareness is also offered and continues as they progress into the IB College. When students are in their first semester of Grade 10, advice is given to them about which diploma subjects they need for certain courses at university, ensuring that students will be prepared for entering university two years later.

Special SAT preparation courses are given to students in Grades 10 and 11. The ABS is a closed testing site for SAT exams. Grade 11 students begin serious university counselling in their second term so that they can begin researching universities over the summer before Grade 12.

Our counsellors frequently keep students updated about up-coming visits by deans of admissions, virtual courses, Open Days, and university tours, hints on how to write personal statements and university essays, as well as reminders about deadlines that they must meet.

The University Counselling Department also includes a complete University Library, comprising test preparation booklets and university catalogues and three full-time, highly qualified university counsellors available to answer all student and parent queries. A College Night is given by the University Counsellors for each grade: one in the first term for parents of Grade 12 students and one in the second term for parents of Grade 11 students.

Our University Counselling team hosts many university fairs at school throughout the year and has established strong ties with universities in all parts of the world. The students from our school secure placements in some of the most prestigious universities in the world due in no small part to the continuous and highly professional efforts of the University Counselling team at ABS.

Constitution of Parent-Teacher Association

About ABS Alumni

About ABS Alumni

Whereas the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) is a registered non-profit educational institution founded under the Hashemite Society for Education, and whereas the ABS seeks to strengthen the ties between its alumni, the ABS Board of Trustees have resolved to create an alumni association.

The ABS Alumni, in close cooperation with the Baccalaureate Endowment Fund (BEF) and the The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), is to continue the friendships formed in the school, build strong and mutually beneficial ties between the school and its diverse alumni, promote goodwill in the community and create a dynamic alumni programme that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the school.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ABS Alumni is to develop, sustain and grow an alumni community of ABS graduates. The ABS Alumni Club, in close cooperation with the BEF and PTA, shall work to foster an allegiance between its members and those of the school to forge a strong community of alumni, who will help enhance the school image beyond its borders through fundraising and social events. By giving back to the community, the ABS Alumni shall be an example of the principles of high moral values, dedication to success, and excellence in all walks of life, which are the very cornerstones of an ABS education.