Compliments, Complaints and Appeals Portal

Welcome to the Parent Portal! We look forward to hearing from you whether it be compliments, complaints, or concerns and encourage you to use the ABS Communication Structure to assist you in facilitating open lines of communication with the appropriate parties.
If for any reason your compliments, complaints or concerns have passed without acknowledgement and/or resolution, we encourage you to submit a written compliment or complaint through this portal. A formal written compliment or complaint is more formal than expressing a passing word of gratitude or concern about an individual student or isolated case, it would constitute something more significant that warrants immediate attention by a member of the ABS Leadership Team.
There is only one method of making a formal written compliment or complaint, which is via this portal. Your complaint will be seen, confidentially, by the Principal, who will then manage or delegate your concern.

If you have an issue or complaint, in the first place, please use the compliments and complaints portal. The Principal and Head of the relevant School will be made aware of your concern and an appropriate member of staff will see your matter through to a conclusion. The Head of School and Principal will be kept informed during this process.If you feel the issue has not been resolved after this process, please contact the Principal directly on

If you are unhappy with the Principal’s response, or wish to appeal a decision made by the Principal, or if your concern is about the Principal in person, please then complete the following information. Your issue will then be elevated to the Board of Trustees.