Why Donate?

The value of our actions, small and big, is measured by the impact they make. Given the growing importance of education as an integral tool with which we impact our community, the importance of supporting this sector has also grown. All gifts, no matter their size, will make a difference.ABS aims to improve and develop its facilities through the fundraising campaign. To take part in this campaign means you are actively contributing to our endeavours and relentless efforts in providing the students with a well-rounded and beneficial learning experience, which will enable them to become a generation capable of excellence and achievement in various fields and sectors.One of the most important values that we instil in ABS students is giving back to their school community as proud members of our alumni. We also look forward to welcoming them back as parents and grandparents.At ABS, we believe that strategically developing our facilities based on our Master Plan offers students the space for curricular and co-curricular activities. In order to effectively implement our Master Plan, we need our community’s generous assistance.In addition to focusing on obtaining donations for school facility renovations that improve the overall educational process as it keeps up with the latest methods and trends, the school also aims to allocate some of the donations to student events and activities.

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