AMMUN XVI Closing Ceremony

The Amman Model United Nations (AMMUN) is a longstanding tradition at the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS).  ABS hosted the sixteenth annual conference 1-5 November 2017.  A total of 16 international and local school delegations comprised of almost 400 participants actively engaged in debating, merging, and lobbying.  Over an intense three-day timespan, the ten forums were in session where numerous resolutions were put forth and many were successfully passed.

As a culminating celebratory grand finale, we were honoured that His Royal Highness Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein delivered the AMMUN XVI Closing Ceremony speech.  Although he comes from a military background, his pristine message that violence will never solve our global issues radiated throughout the Grand Hyatt Ballroom filled with representatives from the ABS Board of Trustees and Leadership Team, parents, grandparents, sponsors and delegations.  HRH Prince Hamzah encouraged each member of the audience to be humble, kind, compassionate and most importantly empower our youth at a very young age to engage in constructive dialogue in an attempt to resolve the issues we are faced with today and in anticipation of the unknown that lies ahead.  He acknowledged that many of the current professions available in the job market will soon be obsolete, so the workforce of the future must be flexible, diverse, and work in collaboration as a united forefront.  After his speech, he graciously answered several questions from the audience.  HRH Prince Hamzah’s profound and heartfelt message left the AMMUN XVI Conference Community pondering what the future holds for us all as the human race.