Policy and Procedure Regarding Ranking



  • All methods of procedure with regard to ranking which concerns universities will be clearly stated on the school's annual profile.
  • Any up-dated information will be added each year to the profile as the need arises.
  • The procedure of how the school ranks students is available for anyone who wishes to know. This information is permanently available in the office the IB Diploma College and is given to anyone who asks for it.
  • The actual ranking of individual students will begin at the end of the first term in grade 11 and will be amended at the end of each term following, ending with the third term in Grade 12, including the Mock Exam results. Rank is cumulative.
  • IB Diploma Programme and IB Diploma Course candidates will be ranked together.
  • Students in grade 10 will not be ranked. The reason for this is that we often have students transferring into our school during that time, most of whom are coming from many different educational systems. It would not be possible to equate all the systems to our IB Middle Years Program nor would it be fair.
  • The actual rank held by each individual student will be released upon request only to that student at the end of each semester, starting with the first semester of grade 11. A student's rank is regarded as confidential information and is only shared with the individual student and institutions that require it.
  • At the end of the 12th grade academic year, only the IB student who is ranked number one will be chosen to give the valedictorian speech at graduation. Those ranked in the top five of the graduating class will be awarded the Academic Achievement Award at graduation. The three students who improved their rank the most over the two year IB Diploma program will be awarded the Academic Improvement Award at graduation.





1. Points received in Higher Level subjects will be given more weight as students attend Higher Level courses more often and more work is required.


Points received in Higher Level subjects will each be multiplied by "3".


2. Points received in Standard Level subjects will receive less weight than Higher Level courses as students attend less class periods and less work is required.


Points received at Standard Level will be multiplied by "2".


3. The sum of Higher Level points and the sum of the Standard Level points will be added together.



4. The points received in the Theory of Knowledge course will be added to the above total at their face value according to the following scale:


A = 7             B = 6             C = 4             D = 3             E = 0



5. Students taking self-taught languages will be given points for this course, which is the average of all their points unless the University Counselor has received the points from the self-taught language supervisor.


6. As the ranking is cumulative, this means that the totals are added together at the end of each term to arrive at the final ranking of each Grade 12 student. If requested by a university, a student's first term rank in grade 12 is given as well as the cumulative rank.

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