Policy and Procedure Regarding Recommendations

N.B. It should be noted that the recommendation letter(s) is/are not a deciding factor in whether or not an applicant is admitted into a university. It is only a part of the application package, not a determining factor as to whether a student is accepted or not.



The school and staff who write recommendations are aware of the practice at some universities of showing recommendations to students if they accept to matriculate at that institution.


  • The University Counselor of each student will write the ‘Counselor Recommendation’ for each of her advisees requesting them.
  • The University Counseling Department ensures that each reference written on behalf of an ABS student is a balanced and honest representation of that student.
  • All recommendations, including individual teachers' comments and recommendations, are all strictly confidential.
  • Access to recommendations at school is restricted to the Principal, University Counselors, Head of IBD College and those directly involved in writing specific recommendations.
  • All recommendations and official transcripts are either sent directly from the school by a courier service or uploaded online, depending on the application. A fee, paid directly to the school's Accounts Department, will be charged for the courier service if required.







1. Before the end of the second semester, the University Department will email the appropriate template to each 11th grade IBDC teacher. All teachers of 11th grade IBDC students will fill out a recommendation form for each 11th grade student s/he teaches. These forms will be sent back to the University Counselors and then kept in a permanent file, locked in each University Counselor's office.


2. At the beginning of the next academic year, the University Counselor writes one comprehensive recommendation for each 12th grade student who chooses to apply to universities that require a Counselor Recommendation. This recommendation includes the following: information about when the student first entered the ABS; which curriculum has been and is being followed; date of graduation; when official IBD results would be available; when the school year finishes; an explanation of the activities in which the student has been involved and some positive comments about the student's character and his/her ability to meet the challenges of tertiary education. It also includes brief statements taken verbatim from each subject teacher's recommendations as well as the points they predict that each student will achieve in his/her official IBD external exams.


3. The above recommendation is referred to as "The Counselor Recommendation" or "The Secondary School Report". This recommendation is required by all US and UK universities.


4. Most US universities require, in addition to the "Counselor Recommendation", recommendations from at least two current teachers. Individual teacher recommendations are first typed by the University Counselors, then returned to the teacher to check and/or amend as necessary before signing. (All the information used in this recommendation is taken only from the form the teacher has already filled out.) Once okayed by the teacher, the recommendation is returned to the University Counselor for copying. By reading and signing the recommendation letter, the teacher agrees to what is written in the recommendation letter. Nothing is changed or put into a teacher recommendation which has not already been approved by the teacher.


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