Apply Through UCAS


How to Apply Through UCAS



  • Click on "APPLY"


  • Register your personal information. 


  • You will receive your own username and password (Be sure you save this in a secure place!). 


  • You are applying through your school

  • When asked for “SCHOOL BUZZWORD”,  type in: surehaka17


That will connect you to ABS!


  • You will be asked which group you are in. Choose your counselor's group, either Ms. Reida, Ms.  or Ms. Kay. 


  • Begin Your application. 


  • The ABS centre number for UCAS is: S47583


  • Be sure to always click "Save" before you log out. 


  • Include your MYP marks if you went to ABS Grades 9 and 10. If you need them, ask your counselor for a copy so that you fill them in correctly. 


  • You can log in and out as many times as you want. You don't need to complete your appication in one sitting BUT be sure to save your work. 


  •  When you are finished, you will need to pay by Credit Card. Make sure it is one your parents are okay with being used online


  • Send your application. It goes to your counselor and if there's anything wrong, it will be sent back to you with directions on what needs to be changed. 

  • Cross your fingers and pray. 








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