Register for the ACT at ABS


How to Register for and Take ACT at ABS



  • Fill out the personal information to create your account.


  • Set up a password you will remember.


  • Be sure to include our CEEB # which is 681059 if you are asked.


  • Our test center number is 867016.


  • You will be asked to upload a current picture to your admission ticket.


  • Once you have registered and paid, you will be told to print out your admission ticket.


  • Keep your admission ticket in a safe place as you will need to bring it with you on the day of the exam.


  • The day before exam:

1) Get a good night's sleep.

2) Don't cram for the exam. 


  • The morning of the exam:

1) Have a good breakfast.


  • On the day of the exam, bring the following:

1) Your admission ticket (must have a picture embedded on it!). 

2) Official picture ID (such as a valid passport, driver’s license or your national identify card.  A Family Book will NOT be acceptable!!). 

3) Number 2 HB pencils (not mechanical…they do not work on this exam).

4) Graphic or scientific calculator (be sure to have new batteries and/or a back-up calculator because you will NOT be able to borrow anyone else’s).


  • On the day of the exam:

1) Arrive no later than 8am at the Middle Gate. 

2) Proceed directly to the Junior School Hall unless otherwise directed.

3) Bring a snack. 




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