Sarvath El Hassan Award

In 1996, the Sarvath El Hassan Award Scheme was established in the Middle Years School to recognise and further encourage students' involvement in co-curricular activities. Through service to the community and the development of physical skills and creativity, the programme seeks to develop a well-rounded student.


Philosophy of the Award

In line with the philosophy of the School and the ideals set out in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, the Sarvath El Hassan Award is specifically designed to meet the needs of Middle Years School students and to provide an introduction to Service as Action and the El Hassan Youth Award Programme that students will follow in Grades 9-12.


Aims and Objectives

• To provide students with service learning opportunities
• To promote the values of participation, cooperation, social responsibility and good citizenship
• To provide students with the opportunities and skills needed to reach personal goals and aims
• To develop and nurture the following character traits:

  • self-reliance and self-discipline
  • perseverance, commitment and determination
  • initiative and originality
  • respect for body and mind
  • responsibility and loyalty
  • tolerance and respect for others



Requirements for Students

In order to qualify for the Sarvath El Hassan Award, satisfactory completion of the following requirements must be met over a period of two years in Grades 7 and 8:

• minimum of four activities from the ABS programme or, if not offered at ABS, a programme from outside school

• completion of two qualifying expeditions
• good behavioural record as approved by Head of School


For further questions regarding the Co-curricular Programme, please contact the ABS Director of Co-curricular Student Activities, Mr. Majed Makhamreh 

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