El Hassan Youth Award

The El Hassan Youth Award (HYA) Scheme was derived from the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, established in 1956, which spread to several countries in the world under different titles. The El Hassan Youth Award Scheme started in Jordan in 1984 as a pilot scheme in the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS).


The HYA provides a significant opportunity for Jordanian youth between the ages of 14-25 years to enroll in self-challenging, educational and non-academic programmes that focus on service, skills, expeditions and physical recreation to help achieve well-rounded personality development.


Meeting the minimum standards of achievement for each of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, qualifies the participants for the Award in the form of a badge and certificate presented on behlaf of H.R.H. Prince El Hassan Bin Talal.


Philosophy of the Award

The programme incorporates the basic set of human values long-sought by society, most important of which are: the values of freedom, justice, cooperation, participation, love, affiliation to one's country, sense of social responsibility, better use of leisure time, better productivity etc., i.e. the values related to personal and social development. The most important strategy adopted by the programme lies in presenting opportunities and challenges for the participant in order to achieve a more developed person, who may then reflect well on their country.


Aims and Objectives
• To encourage participation rather than competition.
• To promote the values of participation, cooperation, team spirit and social responsibility.
• To reinforce the values of progress and citizenship.
• To broaden the horizons of youth to enrich their life experiences.
• To develop youths' skills, abilities and capacities in ABS students as well as national needs and aspirations.
• To develop students personalities, stressing the following aspects:

Self-reliance and self-control.
Perseverance and determination.
Initiative and originality (creativity).
Social responsibility and dedication.
Value-oriented decision-making.
The spirit of adventure.
Fitness in body and mind.
Life skills, professional skills, cultural skills, and family-related skills.


ABS has taken the initiative of integrating our activity programme, Middle Years School Service as Action and the IB College (IBC) Creativity, Activity, Service with the El Hassan Youth Award since both share similar objectives. Having started with only a few activities, the system is now a complex network of student interaction with members of the community, driven by student motivation and initiative. New activities continue to be identified as student participation increases.


The IBC CAS and HYA also recognise individuality; each participant invests in his/her own creative potential and talents.  In this way, all students are strengthened by the system. The CAS programme is an obligation for graduation, but also a path to fulfilment of potential and personal gratification.



For further questions regarding the Co-curricular Programme, please contact the ABS Director of Co-curricular Student Activities, Mr. Majed Makhamreh 

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