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Whereas the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) is a registered non-profit educational institution founded under the Hashemite Society for Education, and whereas the ABS seeks to strengthen the ties between its alumni, the ABS Board of Trustees  have resolved to create an alumni association.


The ABS Alumni, in close cooperation with the Baccalaureate Endowment Fund (BEF) and the The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), is to continue the friendships formed in the school, build strong and mutually beneficial ties between the school and its diverse alumni, promote goodwill in the community and create a dynamic alumni programme that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the school.


Mission Statement

The mission of the ABS Alumni is to develop, sustain and grow an alumni community of ABS graduates. The ABS Alumni Club, in close cooperation with the BEF and PTA, shall work to foster an allegiance between its members and those of the school to forge a strong community of alumni, who will help enhance the school image beyond its borders through fundraising and social events. By giving back to the community, the ABS Alumni shall be an example of the principles of high moral values, dedication to success, and excellence in all walks of life, which are the very cornerstones of an ABS education.

For questions about upcoming alumni programmes, please contact Ms Farah Hammo, ABS Alumni Officer.


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Amman Baccalaureate School, Al Hijaz Street Dabouq,
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