At ABS we offer an international music curriculum within the MYP/IB method that contains a variety of practical and theoretical units from both traditional and modern music styles. We explore the history of both Western Art Music and Arabic Music up to and including contemporary popular music. Students are given opportunity to learn a number of instruments including guitar, oud and piano as part of the curriculum. We provide ongoing music theory training for all students individually based on their previous level of music theory. The Performing Arts Department computer lab offer students access to music software to enjoy composing their own electronic and film music, such as MixCraft. Students also can use other music programs available on their computers i.e. GarageBand, virtual DJ.


Our vision as part of an internationally minded school is to develop students' self-awareness and appreciation of their own culture and strengthen their relationship with other communities through music. We aim to create rounded musicians through exposing them to a variety of knowledge and activities. We believe in hard work and ability as much as we believe in talent.


Through the co-curricular programme at ABS, students have the opportunity to participate in different music concerts and assemblies as singers, instrumentalists and/or composers. The programme has a Band and a Choir which run every week and students can audition for these. Occasionally the students are invited to perform in outside engagements. If students are interested in learning either guitar, piano or flute then the school offers private one-to-one tuition for these with a private instrumental teacher. We would be pleased to offer instrumental lessons on other instruments according to students' interests and teachers' availability.


We welcome all styles of music and experimental music projects, so please come to visit us at the Music Department and talk to one of our instructors and share your musical ideas and abilities.

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Tel: +962 6 5411191

Amman Baccalaureate School, Al Hijaz Street Dabouq,
PO Box 441, Sweileh 11910, Jordan

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