Additional Educational Needs

Meeting All Learners' Needs:

The Amman Baccalaureate School has always believed that the progress of every student and their transition through the school is our priority.  Support programmes were first put in place in 1992 and today the AEN Department serves as a whole school department that has grown to cater for a wider spectrum of student needs.

The department aims to nurture and support individual students while providing them with specialised support that caters to their individual needs.  

The department's three strands include:

  • Learning Support
  • Language Support (ASL/ESL)
  • Gifted and Talented provisions.

AEND Objectives:

• Early identification and intervention
• Equal opportunities to access the curriculum and participate fully in the life of the school
• Ensuring every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential
• Work in collaboration with teachers and parents
• Keep parents informed about their children's needs, progress and attainment.
• Provide support to staff on strategies that meet student needs.
• Facilitate appropriate assessment access arrangements for students who are eligible

Means of Communication:

The AEN Department is committed to maintaining an open door policy to facilitate communication between all stakeholders. The department believes in developing a strong partnership with parents with the aim of catering to students’ needs holistically.  Wherever practical, students are given the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting the provisions made to accommodate them and the educational choices that will affect their future as they progress through school.

Contact Information

Dima Masri Director of the Additional Educational Needs Department
Ozlem Al Khairy -
AEND Coordinator (Secondary)

Sarah Hejazi - AEND Coordinator (Primary)


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