Accreditation and Self-Assessment Reports


The accreditation process has long been recognised in international school circles as a highly effective means of initiating and maintaining school improvement and demonstrating alignment with a set of publicly stated standards. There are a number of benefits associated with the award of accreditation to a school, but the main aim is to provide an opportunity to improve the quality of the education offered at the school through a rigorous process of self-examination followed by an objective external appraisal by a team of trained evaluators. ABS has acquired and maintained a number of internationally recognised accreditations, as outlined below.


Council of International School’s (CIS) Accreditation:

ABS was first accredited jointly by CIS (Council of International Schools) and NEASC (New England Association for Schools & Colleges) in 1997, and reaccredited in 2007. The five-year report was sent in March 2012 and was considered a model report by the CIS. More recently, ABS hosted the CIS again for the Preparatory Visit before our next reaccreditation in September 2017. ABS was rated as “impressive” and “outstanding” in all evaluated domains. We are now seen as a pioneering School, as we will be the first school in the world to go through the new, and more rigorous, 2016 Accreditation Protocol.


IB Accreditation

ABS was one of the first Schools in the world to attain IB Accreditation,  as we acquired IB Diploma accreditation in 1986. Since then, ABS went on to be become accredited to offer the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in 2002, and the IB Career-related Programme in 2014 and finally the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) in 2015, which was the first bilingual PYP programme to be authorised in the world for English and Arabic. In 2015, therefore, we became an IB World School as we offered all four IB programmes.


Round Square

ABS is fully accredited by the Round Square Organisation to offer their Co-Curricular programmes that enrich our students so as to become Round Square Explorers. ABS is at the forefront of the next chapter in the RS Organisation, as we have forged ahead with integrating the RS Discovery Framework into our curriculum and daily life. This is visually depicted within the ABS Experience Model.


BTech Accreditation

ABS is also a centre for offering  BTech in Media Studies, which compliments the IB Career-related Programme. ABS has trained adjudicators who oversee the standards within the programme.


World Academy of Sports

In 2015, ABS became accredited to be a World Academy of Sports School. This means we are a sports friendly School that can accommodate so that elite sportsmen and women can continue with their rigorous sports training whilst granting them the flexibility in completing their IB Diploma course requirements over a three year period rather than doing so in two years.

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