IB College Curriculum

On entering the IB College, students are directed into either the full IB diploma programme, diploma courses or the IB Career-related programme depending on their abilities, interests and future plans. The IB College operates a three-term year (September - December; January - March; April – June) with classes from Sunday through Thursday.  Official IB examinations are held each May and the IB announces results in early July. 


Depending on the requirements of their chosen programme of study, students are currently able to choose from a rich menu of subjects across all six diploma subject groups such as; 

Arabic, Biology, Business and Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design Technology, Economics, English, Environmental Systems and Societies, Film, French, Geography, Global Politics, History,


Mathematics, Music, Physics, Psychology, Spanish, Sports Exercise and Health Science, Theatre, Visual Arts,


And BTEC Creative Media and Production


Choice of subjects may be restricted by staffing and timetable considerations.  


All IB College students take World Religions and Theory of Knowledge and are required to engage in CAS – Creativity, Activity and Service. Full IB Diploma candidates are also required to write an Extended Essay.


For more information on the IB’s programmes, please visit http://www.ibo.org


Students following the IB programme in Grades 11 and 12 can obtain Jordanian Tawjihi Equivalence by meeting the requirements of the Jordanian Ministry of Education which are published in the IB College handbook.


Graduation Requirements

All students must complete twelve years of education and attend at least 175 teaching days out of the required 180 teaching days per year.  Only medically excused absences are accepted as reasons for not meeting this requirement. Each class period is 60 minutes long and students in Grades 11 and 12 are offered 25 taught class periods per week and regular support classes between 8am and 9am.


Creativity and service to the community as well as participation in activity (CAS) are also compulsory components for graduation.  For more information on CAS requirements, please visit the IB page or the Co-curricular Activities page).

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