The IB College

IBDP programme model

The IB College, now relocated in the purpose built Randa Kawar building, enjoys purposely designed learning and recreational spaces catering to the needs of our Grades 11 and 12 students.  This stimulating location and the experiences it offers provide students with the opportunity to develop a mature and age-appropriate independence within a structured and supportive environment.  Within this environment students are encouraged to develop their identity as world citizens and reach their academic potential.


IBCC programme model


On entering the IB College, students are directed onto either the full IB Diploma Programme or, if deemed more appropriate, a slightly less demanding Diploma course programme.  ABS is also the first school in Jordan to offer the Career-related programme which offers a career-related pathway to university for those students who want to specialize in Creative Media and Production. In keeping with its vision as a leading pioneer school, ABS is also accredited as a World Academy of Sport Athlete-Friendly Education Centre and authorised to offer the IB Diploma over an extended period of up to 3 years to top class athletes hoping to balance academic rigour with extensive physical training and competition.Students following these IB programmes in Grades 11 and 12 can obtain Jordanian Tawjihi Equivalence by meeting the requirements of the Jordanian Ministry of Education which are published in the IB College Parents’ Handbook. To enable each student to meet the requirements of the IB and ABS graduation, an extensive range of creative, service learning and sporting activities is also available.



Throughout their time in the IB College, students receive continuous support from university counsellors to identify and apply to suitable universities and enjoy direct access to the many Deans of Admission from universities around the world who pass by the school to deliver presentations and advise students on the application process.


There is close collaboration between mentors, Grade Level Leaders and the Student Wellbeing and Achievement Team  which oversees the social and emotion aspect of students’ lives.  Their goal is to create a safe learning environment for all students while encouraging them to reach their academic potential and nurture respectful relationships among staff members and students.  Furthermore, we work hand in hand with parents and other stakeholders to createa productive and affirmative environment that focuses on students’ wellbeing and prepares them for future developments and life endeavours.


Mrs Cathy Souob B.Ed, MA 
Head of IB College






















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