Counselling for Student Wellbeing and Achievement

The Director of Accreditation for Council of International School rated counselling at ABS as “outstanding” in every respect. We cannot begin to explain how delighted we are to share with you that our hard work behind the scenes is very much paying-off and attaining such recognition.


Our counselling and wellbeing ethos is based on developing students’ growth in terms of their academic, personal and social capacity. Counselling at ABS is divided into three domains:

1. Psychological Counselling

2. Career Counselling

3. University Counselling


The Counselling Department aims to promote a nurturing environment for the students to thrive and recognise their potential both academically and socially. Our trained and experienced Psychological Counsellors coach students to deal with some of the challenging and demanding situations they may face preparing them to be internationally minded individuals. We have a specialist for the Primary School KG1 to Grade 5, Alizar Tawil. Our specialist for Middle Years School students is Hala Hamad, and our specialist for the IB College is Rasha Jazi. Helping with career-related counselling in the Middle Years School is Ola Akkawi. In the IB College, we have three full-time University Counsellors, Reida Baghdadi and Suha Talhouni who are both Co-Directors and also Hanan Qubrosi.


The Department is committed to the Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling model. This model entails a holistic recognition of students’ needs without limiting the counsellor to a specific theory or theoretical discipline. In addition, it encompasses all parties’ involvement in order to reach an applicable plan of help, assistance, and support, whether for the student, family or staff member.


The Department also provides help and support by arranging appointments with students or arranging group sessions; not to mention the rich partnerships the Department creates with parents, the community institutions, in addition to professional institutions.


The Department also respects confidentiality. Therefore, some matters will not be discussed with anyone. In serious matters, which are a Safeguarding issue, the Safeguarding Officer, Russell Peagram, or the Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Lorene Hattar, will be informed confidentially. Confidentiality is a child right in-line with our “ABS Deceleration of Child Rights”, which is fully aligned with the 1991 UN Declaration of Child Rights.


Whatever the needs are at ABS, our counselling Department can provide assistance.


Yours sincerely,

Russell Peagram

Director of Student Wellbeing and Achievement; Accreditation Coordinator (Designated Safeguarding Officer)

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Amman Baccalaureate School, Al Hijaz Street Dabouq,
PO Box 441, Sweileh 11910, Jordan

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