Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use is embedded across all subjects and grades, and it is an integral and important part of student learning experiences across the school. We believe that seamless and easy access to technology in the classroom will empower students to learn and thrive as digital citizens in an increasingly technology-driven world. We expect that access to technology will expand the learning opportunities of our students beyond their physical classrooms and enable them to interact and exchange ideas with peers from around the world.



Amman Baccalaureate School is committed to providing an effective technology infrastructure and resources in order to provide our students with the best opportunities for a 21st century education. These resources also help streamline the daily operations of administrative tasks as well as the school-home connections necessary for the school to function.



The campus is fully-networked with a combination of computer labs and computer clusters throughout the campus. Students in the Middle Years School and IB Diploma College provide their own laptops which they bring to school every day.



Additionally, upper Primary School students have access to laptops in mobile carts while younger students have access to tablet devices. Teachers are issued with school-owned laptops and our wireless network covers all of the school campus.



The resources we offer incorporate the very best of IT features and resources to meet the needs of students and teachers and include:


  • 200Mbps fibre internet link that provides a stable internet connection
  • General and specialist computer rooms and computer clusters
  • A wide range of general and subject-specific software and online subscriptions
  • Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms
  • Team of 5 full-time IT Support Staff with IT Helpdesk
  • Virtual learning environments like Edline and ManageBac
  • Double First Engage as a Management Information System
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities for our staff

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Tel: +962 6 5411191

Amman Baccalaureate School, Al Hijaz Street Dabouq,
PO Box 441, Sweileh 11910, Jordan

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