Health and Safety

The ABS Medical Team provides healthcare for students and staff during the school day and after-school activity time. The School employs two full-time doctors who are responsible for all aspects of student and staff medical health during school hours. The School also employs a nurse (located in the Sports Complex) who provides first aid treatment for sports injuries during school hours. Another nurse provides first aid treatment for after-school activities and at the weekends. Additionally, staff from across the school have received training in CPR and AED use. All Sports staff and coaches regularly receive First Aid, CPR and AED training.


The clinic is well-equipped with medical supplies for medical care and emergencies; these include a stretcher, wheelchair, crutches, pulse oxymeter, oxygen cylinder, Ambo bag for CPR, emergency medications, a metal stretcher for spine injuries, a nebulizer for asthma attacks, and a Glucocheck for diabetic patients to check blood glucose levels. There are four defibrillators strategically located across the campus and a number of staff have been trained in their use. The Medical Team is responsible for providing the school buses and other locations around the school with First Aid kits.


The ABS Medical Team supervises the cafeteria staff, ensuring medical check-ups every six months by the Ministry of Health. All bus drivers undergo annual medical check-ups. Student medical reports are updated on an annual basis. All medical cases of students who require extra attention from the school are monitored. The doctor carries out annual examinations of height and weight as well as vision tests for Primary School students. The student data management system is used by the Medical Team for record-keeping, monitoring and reporting.

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Tel: +962 6 5411191

Amman Baccalaureate School, Al Hijaz Street Dabouq,
PO Box 441, Sweileh 11910, Jordan

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