How to Apply

Applications are accepted all year round, there is no specific deadline for any grade level; however, parents are encouraged to submit applications early to ensure a place is offered for their child(ren).   


The initial entry point is KG1 and parents are advised to submit an application as soon as the child is born and within three-months of birth to ensure the application is granted priority, if applicable.  All applicants must follow a standard process by submitting an application in person and completing the payment of fees. All submitted applications must be accompanied with the following items:


  • A certified photocopy of the student’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the student’s Marks Record or Reports for the last two years (except application for KG, Grade 1 and 2)
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • The amount of JD 500 which covers Administration Fee (Testing and/or Interview Fees) JD 50 (non-refundable) and Registration Fee JD 450 (refundable) if no place available; if student is admitted the amount will be deducted from tuition fees.  If place is offered and declined by parents, JD 450 will NOT be refunded and another application must be submitted for future grades.




We understand that applying from an overseas location can be complicated. While we strongly recommend visiting the school during the application process, we will work with parents to facilitate their application if they are not able to be in the country for completing the application requirements. 


For Grades 6 – 11, the Admission department accepts applications and required documents by email after the fees have been sent by wire through the school bank account.  The parents can provide the Admission department with the name of a contact person at their child’s current school in order to coordinate the administering of entrance examination.  The applicant’s interview can also be done via Skype.

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