International Section

The International Section at the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) was initiated in August 2010 for students in Grades 6-12, who do not have the level of Arabic to cope with an ABS bilingual education, but wish to benefit from the outstanding educational experience that ABS offers.


Students in the International Section from Grades 6-10 follow the International Bacclaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP), which demonstrates how school subjects are inter-related and teaches students that consideration of issues and problems in their widest scope will enhance their critical thinking. The students' ability to find acceptable solutions to a range of problems and adapt them to a variety of situations is developed through concepts and contexts that ‘provide shared starting points for inquiry into what it means to be internationally minded, framing a curriculum that promotes multilingualism, intercultural understanding and global engagement’. This holistic approach to education promotes in students the values of understanding, tolerance and respect. By consequence, adolescents are helped to grow into responsible members of a world community. The IBMYP is considered to be an excellent preparation for the IB Programmes that ABS students follow in Grades 11 and 12.


Students in the International Section at ABS in Grades 6-10 take the following MYP subjects: English Language and Literature; Arabic Language Acquisition; French Language Acquisition (optional for Grades 9 and 10); Spanish Language Acquisition (optional for Grades 9 and 10); Mathematics; Sciences (General Sciences for Grades 6-8); Physics, Chemistry & Biology (for Grades 9 & 10); Individuals and Societies (History and Geography); Physical and Health Education (PHE); Product Design and Digital Design; Visual Arts, Drama, and/or Music. In addition, students take the following non-MYP subject: World Religions (taught in English).


International Section students will be taught in English for Mathematics, Sciences, Modern Languages, Individuals and Societies, Arts, PHE and Design, but they will also be exposed to the Arabic language during their school day, apart from in their Arabic lessons.


International Section students will be offered intensive Arabic classes in small groups that will allow them to benefit from the ABS experience. The curriculum is tailored to suit the needs and the levels of each individual student depending on his or her current understanding of Arabic.


International Section students are also welcome to join Grades 11 and 12 in the IB College, where they will study a prestigious pre-university academic programme. Although we encourage all students to study Arabic, it is not mandatory at this level as a variety of other languages are being offered.


International Section students in the IB College can study IB Arabic ab initio which will allow them to learn basic Arabic - reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This course will also introduce students to Arab culture and current events.


Please click here for more information about the International Sectiona at the Amman Baccalaureate School. 


International Section
Mr Stuart Bryan, Principal
Mrs Cathy Souob, Head of IB College
Mrs Sarah ByhamHead of Middle Years School


For registration information, please visit our Admissions Page or contact the Registrar, Mrs Ghada Saifi.

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